APAC Studio

APAC Studio is part of Global Harbor Studio. Its focus is on facilitating pre-production, production and post-production in film and media. For the success of any film or television initiative, it is imperative that a high-quality production studio is an integral part of that process.

At Global Harbor Fund, we have recognized the need for contemporary studio design and service availability. Our studio features aim to create outstanding movie productions through each stage of the media process. 


At APAC Studio, professional filmmaking crews will be provided access to contemporary tools, software, and a controlled environment. At this stage, artists can concept art, previz and transform concept art for stunning presentation and marketing purposes.

From character development to production environments, the studio provides independent filmmakers and producers with the tools to transform their ideas into workable concept and key art. The process allows independent producers and smaller production companies to breathe life into a script or screenplay, allowing a sense of the visual realisation of the project to be understood early in its production process.


APAC Studio supports the production phase, but also provides filmmakers with the chance to excel in a competitive industry. The purpose is to support a high end yet financially viable approach to production and entertainment. 

APAC Studios connects crew to independent distributors, companies and the resources needed to achieve a high-end production.


To provide filmmakers and producers with access to modern editing equipment and procedures, APAC Studios introduces an affordable yet premium standard of tools and techniques in support of precision sound and visual clarity. This includes our post-production team and facilities with impeccable CGI and VFX capabilities.

With the assistance of a professional production team and studio accessibility, every aspect of the final product is thoroughly processed, edited, and prepared for release. 

APAC Studios Leads the Way in Superior Production

APAC Studios was designed to provide avid, upcoming, and experienced filmmakers the production facilities and technologies needed to develop premium film and television content. This includes support and resources for producers across the US and Europe.

APAC Studios will lead the way in superior production for film and television.