Archstone International

In today's changing industry landscape, access to reliable distribution into the world's most valuable territories is essential to the viability of any studio. Global Harbor Corp established a standing agreement with Archstone International to secure US distribution for all the film content that undergoes our in house project approval, investment, and the establishment of a distribution budget. To facilitate the marketing process, our distribution involves the development of a sound screenplay, confirmation of A List cast and name production crew, photography and concept art during post-production, and the creation of a professional distribution and print release campaign.

We believe in scheduled distribution to secure the correct marketing approach and timely release of movies and television series. Through our funding initiatives, the costs of insurance and legal fees are incorporated. Our team will go the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of professional film campaigns and production is successful.

Through our research and development processes, we approve a variety of genres, from Sci-fi and Fantasy to animation, action adventure and YA. Based on the creation of a sound distribution strategy, we determine the most rewarding and efficient approach to production and the debut of feature films.

As part of our distribution campaigns, we ensure that the cast is provided with exposure and professional marketing strategies. Through superior distribution, including online marketing platforms through social media, we create a competitive approach in which audiences directly connect to the production with the unparalleled distribution.

Professional Distribution Team

Archstone International includes a dedicated and expert distribution team with over 30 years experience in Hollywood distribution. This includes the provision of marketing strategies, distribution rights, and equity for production across the US and Europe. As an international entity, a highly professional, experienced, and knowledgeable team are assigned to facilitate a distribution campaign.

The distribution team consists of sales managers and agents, including film and media professionals. Insurance assists in providing seasoned media producers protection and security to fulfil their assigned role. 

With the assistance and the transparency of reliable distributors, the best interests of the crew and the film are at the core of every campaign.

Archstone International represents a premium distribution service in which film and TV productions are provided the platform to reach their target audience. We ensure that the right distributor is sourced in line with the requirements of the production, to maximise returns.