Killed by his own brother, Balder, the son of Odin, returns from the realm of the dead to take his seat on the throne in Valhalla and lead his army against the Nidhogg, the greatest dragon who feasts on the roots of the tree of Earth.

Fantasy Drama:  An authentic illustration of Norse Mythologies most overlooked and prominent figure.


Ragnarok has cast the world into flames.  Now Balder, the son of Asgard, must rise from the ashes to fulfil his destiny according to prophecy, in an ultimate clash between good and evil.  


Balder is the son of Odin and brother of Thor. Once revered by the people and looked upon as ”the light” - the moral compass of the world. Loki betrays Balder resulting in his demise and voyage to the death realm of Hellheim.  When Ragnarök casts the world into flames, Balder is destined to build a new kingdom on the ruins of the old. 

GENRE:  Adventure SciFi / Fantasy

DIRECTOR:  Erik Lofgren

PRODUCERS:  Magnus Backstrom, Nick Bain and Erik Lofgren


Balder is brought back to the world of the living soon to realize the evil dragon lord Nidhogg is determined to destroy what remains accompanied by his seven disciples. Balder is forced to seek help from his former adversary Surt (the man who set the world on fire) in order to retrieve the Apples of Idun granting them immortality and thus a fighting chance for survival in the battle against Nidhogg.