About Us

Global Harbor

Global Harbor Corp is the financial centre of a family of companies that develop, finance, produce, market, distribute and promote motion pictures and television productions. We generate revenue through the production, sale and release of projects into theatres, cable or network television and other digital or analog media formats or platforms. Each product supports an intellectual property franchise that we will develop and exploit world wide.

Our finance, development, production and distribution service model was established based on management's extensive film industry experience, IT expertise and deploying the latest production software and technology.  By removing the barriers between finance and content creation, we have reduced the associated risks of film production to a minimum and built a pathway to profitability that draws revenues from a streamlined production pipeline, not just sale and distribution, regardless of box office success.

Global Harbor aggressively pursues mutually beneficial government partnerships worldwide for financial and services support.

Global Harbor Corp was founded by Nick Bain, Magnus Backström and Richard M Greenberg as equal partners in 2020.

Our Family of Companies

Premium Content Development for International Markets: Behind the Billboards

To maintain a strict standard of premium quality across film and television media, Behind the Billboards based in Los Angeles introduces a professional development team which ensures the content will meet the demands of the global industry. Partnership with Behind the Billboards  grants Global Harbor a development team that has delivered content to Warner Bros, NBC, Showtime, Netflix and many others.

Global Production:  Europe Film Studios

Europe Film Studios is a Malta based production studio that has entered production on a slate of motion pictures in the science fiction, fantasy and animated genres. Continuing the long tradition of major motion picture production on the Island, EFS has consolidated the locations, facilities, logistics and equipment requirements of large scale productions into one entity, run by an international executive team.

Facilities and Services:  The Rock

The Rock Studios, based in Malta and Trinidad and Tobago, is a studio facility and rental company. Equipped with advanced technology, studio and construction space, and office space, The Rock provides human resource management and will negotiate rental agreements with local providers.