Crypto Kings

A 21 year old tech genius accidentally gets control of the bitcoin crypto currency.  He must embark upon a global search for the creator of bitcoin, before he’s intercepted by those who want to take control of the currency for their own gain.

Jason Lennix, 21 solves a series of cryptic puzzles posted in an online chat room named Satoshi’s treasure hunt.  He is rewarded with an unexpected prize – a trip to Reykjavic, Iceland to solve the ultimate puzzle in pursuit of the grand prize. 


It is there that Jason discovers a  device containing billions of dollars worth of bitcoins.  Once the device is activated, it sets off a GPS Beacon that is sent out world-wide.  This is the fabled ‘Lost Bitcoin wallet’ belonging to founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

GENRE:  Tech Thriller


PRODUCERS:  Richard Maldonado

PITCH:  A thriller set in the world of Cryptocurrency


With some of the most dangerous people in the world closing in on his location and not knowing who to trust, to avert a global financial crisis, Jason must do the impossible - he must find the illusive Satoshi and return the device and access code to him, before it falls into the wrong hands.