Global Harbor Fund

Global Harbor Corporation includes the Global Harbor Fund. The purpose of the fund is to provide independent filmmakers and production companies the financial support to create a sustainable, end to end pathway to market for outstanding work.

We operate according to the FaaS model or FilmFilm production as a Service, in which the development, distribution, production and financing are completed in-house and under Global Harbor Corporation. 

Financial Options for Film and TV Production

Financing for film and TV remains an integral part of the production! Companies and funding institutions are assisting in the financing of film through direct investment or tax incentives. The result is the ability for financiers, smaller companies and independent producers to invest in the production of content developed to meet the exacting standards of Hollywood and international distributors with casting and crewing from the top of the industry.

Production Insurance

As part of the Global Harbor Fund, we introduce production insurance for set coverage, including work safety, cyber threats and loss of data, capital risks, and production failures. Our film production insurance includes coverage of film equipment, including protection against theft and loss. Our plans aim to prevent the financial disaster that production sets can suffer in the event of unforeseen circumstances or accidents. For many smaller companies, such incidents can permanently halt a production resulting in significant financial loss.

Venture Capital

As part of our financial initiative, our goal is to make funding available for the high-end production of film and television. Our process includes the availability of venture capital to provide all filmmakers and companies financial assistance. This includes investment in the project to realize Film and TV production.

Equity Insurance

Equity insurance is a safety net for investors and production. Should financial loss be suffered, equity insurance provides financial support to continue filming, pre-production, and post-production services. Our financial model will only greenlight a production when the returns are guaranteed by contract to 150% of the required budget.

About the Global Harbor Fund

The Global Harbor Fund was initiated to provide approved production companies and individual producers the opportunity to excel and invest in the entertainment sector. Through our efforts, we have initiated Cinema 84, a long-standing and successful production entity, to assist in the facilitation of media and script development and aquisition.

As part of our media and entertainment services, we believe in providing our clients with the support and the financial investment for successful and rewarding production. Global Harbor Corporation and the Global Harbor Fund have become steadfast and dependable entities through which independent filmmakers and production companies can access the resources needed for successful investment and rewarding production.