About Us

Global Harbor

The Global Harbor Corporation introduces a strategic initiative in which independent filmmakers and production companies are provided the financial investment needed to transform screenplays, present exceptional talent, and ensure that production and distribution from the US to European markets receive the expertise and resources needed to advance in film and television.

The Global Harbor Corp operates according to Film production As A Service or FAAS model. This has allowed the company to integrate a range of entertainment resources that production companies, filmmakers, and crew required for successful screen production and distribution.

Through strategic initiatives, multiple brands were created to get leading investors on board to expand the entertainment industry from the US to Europe. Based on extensive research in the industry and acknowledging the lack of funding, media services, and access to premium production and film sets. Through expert IT services and post-production CGI/VFX professionals, software and cutting edge equipment, the Global Harbor Corporation aims to bridge the gap between strategic and technologically advanced production with the delay in integrating IT automation across the entertainment industry.

Premium Content for International Markets

To maintain a strict standard of premium quality across film and television media, Behind the Billboards based in Los Angeles introduces a professional team of the best in entertainment through which a high standard of quality assessment is performed.

Leading Global Production

The Global Harbor Corporation proudly presents Europe Film Studios. The innovative production company has secured the rights to produce action motion pictures. This includes favorable market investment in combination with premium pre and post production services.


European Film Studios has vested in strategic pre-production services in which upcoming and established talent is secured through cash incentives.

Independent Studios

The Rock Studios, based in Malta and Trinidad and Tobago, is the first of many professional production studios. Fully equipped with advanced technology, pristine sets, and office spaces for administrative purposes, The Rock Studios represents a lucrative opportunity for the advancement of film and television on an international scale.

Motion Pictures

Global Harbor Corporation is proud to present our exceptional range of feature film productions. Since the late 70’, we have established a stellar reputation in the film and TV industry. We believe in creating films with bold and captivating storytelling, impeccable picture, and high-quality production. Our goal is to produce memorable and powerful movies and media for all to enjoy. At Global Harbor Corporation, our distribution, production, and digital services have established our reputation as pioneers in the industry.

We specialize in a wide range of movie genres, from Adventure Sci-fi and family adventure to animation, fantasy, and drama. From experts across productions such as 007's Spectre, Alien, and Aquaman, we have partnered with blockbuster productions and continue to bring the world’s best to the big and small screen.

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Global Harbor Corporation introduces the latest TV shows from action-adventure and Sci-fi to thrillers and everything in between. From lead producers, we present a masterful collection of the latest TV shows across entertainment genres. From the US to Europe, discover a range of exciting new shows.

Global Harbor Corporation is a leading international film production and distribution company. We believe in setting the standard for television series with premium content and high-quality production. In partnership with the Global Harbor Corporation’s founding members, we bring an incredible television showcasing to our audiences. Our goal is to provide our viewers from across the world, intrigue, suspense, and sheer entertainment across our media channels.

Our corporation operates among the largest global television productions. Through our initiatives and production brands, including Cinema 84, Behind the Billboards, and Banana Railgun Productions, we have adopted an expert and innovative approach to bringing the latest in entertainment and international events to the fore.

With our exceptional TV programming and dedication to relevant and influential home entertainment, the Global Harbor Corporation continues to make its mark as an industry leader.

Discover our list of exciting new TV Series that every avid film lover must see!

The FAAS Approach

From pre-production, production, and post-production to concept development, distribution, and financial investment, the Global Harbor Corp. proudly presents a powerful and innovative platform for international media advancement. With establishments and production services from Los Angeles to Trinidad and Tobago, the aim is to innovate, empower, and to ensure that strategic incentives and financial investment offer opportunity and rewards for all.

This enables Global Harbor Corp and its subsidiaries to act as a business platform and to be agreesive on the expansions of products per year.