Hood of Humanity

His tech helped destroy the world. The world’s greatest cyber hacker must now find a way to defeat machines he created.

Robin Hood of the Future


Hood is a man returning to a dystopia he himself helped create. As a brilliant hacker and cyber expert, Hood began on the outside. His skills and willingness to push the bounds earned him the reputation as one of the finest manipulators of technology in the world. He began as a believer in open source, open access, democracy delivered by anarchy.


But Hood’s exploits bring him to the attention of Rikkard Coeur. Billionaire, eccentric, genius…a man with a dream to reshape and redefine human existence through his company, Liontech, already the dominant commercial force in the world. When Hood takes down Liontech’s security network, Coeur has him tracked down and brought to Liontech with a choice – face justice for the laws he has broken, or a job at the heart of Liontech’s cyber security.

GENRE:  Action Adventure/Sci fi

DIRECTOR:  Haz Dullul

PRODUCERS:  Hollywood Gang, EFS


The street-smart Hood knows there’s only one path he can take. He takes the job, seeing it as a means of learning Liontech’s systems from the inside and avoiding the penalties for his many crimes. But the fatherless Hood finds something he did not expect – a mentor in the crazy but brilliant Rikkard. Rikkard’s idealism is almost enough to make him believe that Liontech could be the instrument to bring about a better, technologically advanced world.


But all is not what it seems, and when Rikkard dissapears, Hood must return to the shadows to save the world he left behind from the technology he has helped create.