She is the grand daughter of a god.  She must choose to be mortal, or transcend and claim her true place as an immortal in the pantheon.  Only hero Jason and the Olympians who protect him stand in her way.

Gods vs witches


The story of Medea is one of the oldest in the Western world, but her role has been reduced to an adjunct of Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece.  But Medea’s story doesn’t end there.


She sacrifices everything for Jason.  Her home, her father’s love, her kingdom and even her own brother to become his.  But Jason’s love is easily swayed by the promise of a hero’s gold.  Rewarded for his heroism with a kingdom and a new wife, Jason quickly abandons Medea, his barbarian bride.


DIRECTOR:  Nick Bain

PRODUCERS:  Magnus Backstrom, Erik Lofgren


Pregnant with Jason’s twins, Medea bares his children, and then begins to remember her strength.  She is not the mortal hero’s toy.  She is the daughter of the sun god and his bride, their new kingdom, and even the gods who protect them all, can save Jason from her revenge.


There is a reason the story of Medea has survived for over 2000 years.   


Hell hath no fury…