Mirror View Echoes

A genius scientist destined for greatness isolates himself from the world after the mysterious disappearance of his family. He struggles to discover the truth using a secret machine that allows him to see the past events - like a ghost that won’t let go.

Valentin creates a Sensory Time Machine that sends him on a metaphysical journey into the past. Depressed and down for the count - Valentin uses himself as a guinea pig to test his Time device in his desperate attempts to find out the truth about what happened to his family. His many daring experiments enabled him to see further back in time and to stay longer, but with increasing risk for his own life. 


Valentin goes one step too far. A close to lethal dose of electricity passes through his system and a great power-outage reveals his machine to the world. Matters spiral out of control as his former less than friendly colleagues come knocking on the door forcing him on the run.


DIRECTOR:  Erik Lofgren

PRODUCERS:  Magnus Backstrom, Erik Lofgren and Nick Bain


In a race against time he seeks new alliances and connects with old friends in order to perfect his invention before the machine and the truth is lost to time forever. It soon becomes apparent that the only way to succeed in his quest is to keep dancing at the brink of death.