2228: A planet-killing star approaches earth and human kind is forced to colonize a new world. 

In the late 21st century, earth's scientists make an ominous discovery.  A rogue giant star, set in motion by a binary supernova is on course to pass through our solar system.  With 40 years before the arrival of the Morningstar, humanity faces an existential threat. But not everyone believes the science.  Those that do come together to form the GSA (Global Space Agency) with its only mission to discover a new habitable world – salvation for the human race, using experimental jump gate technology to explore habitable exoplanets. Only one world proves to be a possibility - the remote planet of Mulapin.  


Work begins on the jump gate and a mission is assembled, led by Francis Odenstal and Howard Fenris.  They land on the planet and breathe the air of the new world, only for Odenstal to die in a mysterious accident.  His heroic legacy is the planet destined to be the new home of humanity.


DIRECTOR: Erik Löfgren

PRODUCER: Magnus Backström, Nick Bain


Years later, the earth’s evacuation to Mulapin is at hand. But for Odenstal’s son, the past will not let him leave Earth easily.  When an 'Earthist' outsider from the broken world beyond sacrifices her life to give Mike a raven-engraved coin, a chain of events is set in motion that cannot be stopped. Mike will not fly humanity to their new home.  He will awake, betrayed and wounded, watching helpless as the colony ship abandons him and the rest of humanity on earth. But Mike's salvation and that of the colonists lies in the past.  Mike will fight his way off the planet and make it to Mulapin where the real battle for humanity's future is only beginning.