Phoebe of Mars

In 2123, the Mars Colony has become the earth’s favorite reality show.  But a struggle for power threatens the relationship between the planets. The first girl born on Mars will become a symbol of the revolution to come.

“We began as a point in the sky... Almost impossible to reach.” - Martian Proverb


In 2095, humanity has colonized Mars. 2000 pioneers have spent almost fifty years building Rhea, the first human micro-city on another world - for Earth, for science and for their children. The first generation born on Mars is coming of age and amongst them is seventeen year old wrangler pilot, Phoebe Mackenzie, the daughter of Rhea's Head of Security and its Head of Agriculture.

GENRE:  Sci fi Action

FORMAT: 12x 22 mins TV series


But just as every high minded project struggles to live up to the ideals that created it, so the same could be true of Mars. The struggling colony stands on the verge of self reliance, but there are those who will do anything to keep the resources and scientific knowledge of Mars under Earth's control, none more so than the Mars Corporation (MarsCorp) that controls the colony through a potent mix of surveillance and military and economic power plays.


With their every move televised to hundreds of millions around the world, the lives of the Martian colonists have become everyone's favorite must see drama... and the stakes are about to rise. When Phoebe discovers a plot to steal the colony's resources and undermine its freedom, she will use every tool at her disposal to fight for her home. She, her friends and their audacious revolution are all that stands between the colony and disaster. Overpowered,  and not knowing who she can trust, Phoebe can only rely on one thing.

She is Phoebe of Mars.

She was born on this planet and no one is going to take it without a fight.