Porus, Prince of the Jamboodweep

Porus is the famous general who defeated Alexander the Great and saved India, but as a young prince, he had all kinds of adventures with his friends on a magical island.

After  reaching  viewers of over 11 countries across 14 territories, Porus the live action TV show has garnered great response from  adults and kids alike


 He is now set to make his animation debut as PORUS – PRINCE OF JAMBOODWEEP  in an all new goofy, fun loving,  adrenaline pulsating adventure.

Set in 3rd Century B.C, India, Porus- the Prince of Jamboodweep is a comic, sea faring adventure saga, starring our hero ’PORUS’ and his two best friends- ‘BILKUL’, a timid crocodile, and ‘LACHI’, a warrior princess. They set out to face the biggest of challenges set up by the Persian pirate king ‘ASHTABAHU’, as he plots to conquer their home, the mystical floating island of Jamboodweep

GENRE:  Family Adventure, Animation

FORMAT: 12x22 min TV series


Starring madcap gypsies called the ‘Dasyus’ and a host of exciting villains, Porus – the Prince of Jamboodweep will explore themes like loyalty, integrity, friendship, family, and most importantly, love for the homeland and all its creatures –man and animal.