Project Gonzo

When America's first lynching in 40 years streams live on social media in a video called “Project Gonzo”, a spark is lit that threatens the fabric of US society. But in the era of Fake News, all is not what it seems. A power struggle within a billion dollar tech company may determine the legacy of the young, black, journalist victim, and with her, the distinction between truth and lies. 

But there is more to it than that. At its most elemental, this is the story of Esther Conway, a tech pioneer and a woman harnessing technology, wealth and power to reshape the world as she believes it should be. She controls and manipulates a sequence of events that start almost from nothing and uses data to grow this real-time fiction into a viscerally true butterfly effect that will bring about the destruction of a United States she regards as corrupt.


Standing in her way are Blaine Sanden, the cautious, financially-oriented CEO who has been trying to protect the neutrality of the platform. Blaine wants to keep everyone happy and stick his head in the sand as the government systematically rapes the country.

GENRE:  Tech Thriller

FORMAT: 12x1 Hour TV series


The second impediment to Esther's plan is chaos itself. Her hidden team of analysts can discover the sequence they believe will bring about the change they want to see, but she herself must ensure that the sequence plays out. This means finding ways to make people do what she needs them to do, in sequence and as resistant as possible to chance. Not easy, even for a multi- billionaire with the resources of the world's most powerful social media company behind her. That chaos finds form in Yusef Omar, a New York Times journalist who won't let go of the threads that reveal the game being played on America, and in Amaka Pierson, a free spirit, mixed race Gonzo - the story's first victim who becomes its greatest champion.