After losing her father in a freak diving accident, teenager Callie overcomes her grief and fear through a forbidden romance with a merman in a remote Caribbean fishing village.

Haunted by guilt over her dad’s death on a diving expedition, a nineteen-year-old girl travels with her mother to a Maltese fishing village to sell her father’s business and home. Not everything is as it seems. The village is governed by ancient, mythical laws and Callie is about to break them.


Rescued from the sea by the mysterious Naji, who embodies both the land and the sea. Their romance slowly restores Callie’s belief in life, but in doing so endangers the whole village. To love her, Naji jeopardizes the balance between the land and the children of the sea.


DIRECTOR:  Haz Dullul  (Origin Unknown; The Beyond; Under the Sea)

PRODUCERS:  Phillip Morris, Nick Bain, Ray Whittinger


An ancient legend underpins the story of lovers.  They are awakening forces more powerful and ancient than they could have dreamed.  As the balance is broken, they will have no choice but to fight for a new accord – one that will require the spilling of blood on both sides and sacrifices they cannot begin to understand.

SIRENA is planned as the first part of a trilogy.