When one of the Seven that trained her is murdered and two others go missing, Snow is forced to become a vigilante and use all that she has learned to rescue the men to whom she owes her life, and wreak revenge against an enemy of enormous evil.

This Snow White Kicks ass


Set in a world of comic book fantasy and martial arts, with incredible heroes and voracious villains portrayed by an International cast of characters in an action adventure retelling of a timeless story for all ages.


Snow is a new take on the classical Snow White story.  A stylised VFX driven movie inspired by the visual realizations of Frank Miller and the scope and scale of Assassin’s Creed.

GENRE:  Martial Arts Epic

DIRECTOR:  John Lyde (“Riot,” “The Outpost”)

PRODUCER:  Keith Merril.


In the female led story inspired by the fairy tale, Snow is a warrior called upon to fight for the survival of her people.  She must redefine her relationship with her ‘evil step mother’ who emerges as a figure of immense power and potency.


An ambitious martial arts epic to be realized with the latest in Motion Capture green screen technology.