The Rock

Global Harbor Corporation introduces The Rock Studios. We proudly present our artists, filmmakers, and producers with a physical film studio incorporating the latest technologies, to facilitate the production process.

Our very first physical studio will be initiated in Malta.  The future prospect includes an innovative design to create an efficient, functional, and contemporary space for our staff and our visitors. This includes the development of the main building with several adjacent buildings and offices to deliver professional production services and maintain exceptional media standards.

Office and Storage Space

The Rock Studios is to incorporate in its design 3000 square meters dedicated to office space. An additional 3000 square meters is planned for the development of storage and construction facilities. The purpose is to streamline the filmmaking process and to ensure that every aspect of production is part of an end to end service model. This will allow us to offer our in house productions and partners who make use of our facilities a truly streamlined uninterrupted production line, from scripted development to distribution.

Data Center Services

The office and storage buildings are to be equipped with a 1000 square meter data center. A professional and dedicated team will be responsible for managing administration and ensuring that every aspect of data collection is accurately recorded, stored, and processed.


Soundstages in film support efficient, affordable, and seamless production on site. The creation of a soundstage under Global Harbor Corporation will enhance the logistics and the costs of future film management and marketing. It also assists the production crew in maintaining a strict schedule in the plan and execution of filmmaking and provides long-term employment for the studio's local community. 

An area of 8700 square meters will include 3 soundstages in support of simultaneous productions and media-related initiatives. To provide every project with state-of-the-art facilities, these stages will consist of cutting edge technology with green screens for controlled and safe filming.

The advanced soundstage will produce sound clarity, precision logistics, and the management of customized lighting. It controls the production environment allowing producers and directors to maintain a budget and remain on schedule.

With The Rock as a benchmark of rewarding, budget-conscious, and manageable production solutions, Global Harbor Corp will continue to advance the film and media industries.