When a young boy gets sick, a tree in his garden tries to heal him by pulling him into an adventure in her magical tree world.

Vesa is a story about a very personalised relationship between a boy and a tree that expands to unlock a world of magical communication between some of the oldest creatures on earth.


DIRECTOR Ellen Poon  (“Wreck it Ralph,” Best VFX Oscar for her team’s work on “Inception.” Her other VFX credits include “Men In Black,” “Starwars Episode 1” and “Jurassic Park.” Her collaboration with Zhang Yimou on Jet Li’s “Hero” won her a Hong Kong Film award for VFX. Ellen has worked as VFX producer on some of the most successful animations of all time – “Monkey King,” “Moana,” “Monster Hunt” franchise, “Frozen” and “Wreck It Ralph 2.”

PRODUCERSEllen Poon, Nick Bain, Vincent Edwards, Magnus Backstrom


Ten-year-old, rap obsessed Eugene has an incurable illness.  Unable to leave his home, he spends his time in the garden under an old tree.  Unknown to him, the tree’s name is Vesa.  She is the last survivor of a great forest that used to cover the land.  Isolated from the other trees, Vesa develops a bond with Eugene and, with the power of her world, tries to heal him.  In doing so, she brings him into a magical hidden world of trees and a journey on which the future of life on earth may depend.