World Affairs

Inside the United nation, a faction exists that follows no flag---the young sons and daughters of the most powerful people in the world.  Their actions, loves, losses and conflicts can define the future of the world, in a moment when everything is at stake.

In the United Nations, the reputation is one of a talking shop.  On the surface, it seems like an endless conversation with few results.  But beneath the layers of diplomacy, a group of young dynamic rich kids are quietly forging the future.


Two diplomats, an American man and an African Woman carve out a meteoric rise within the service, earning friends and enemies across the world.  No debt is forgiven, no secret forgotten and no good deed will go unpunished, most of all between the two of them.


Their egos, lust, lovers and enmities may determine the future of countries and cultures.  We follow the uber rich spoiled Saudi princesses to the idealist assistants trying to make good amid the halls of the groaning institutions.

GENRE:  International Thriller

FORMAT: 12x1 Hour TV series


Someone is destablising the age old ties between nations.  A belligerent America can no longer be trusted and then, there’s a murder, of the Secretary General’s Daughter.


We follow the evolving intrigue, the lies, deception seduction and desperation that go into preserving the diplomatic balance that is all that stands between the world, and chaos.


The show is a truly eclectic, diverse, internationally led series that takes in the most dramatic stories, glamorous places and dangerous corners of the world