Worlds on the Horizon

An evil is released upon the world when a mining colony using slave labor opens the  ancient door between Muspelheim and Midgard deep under the mountain of Hell. An ancient battle is released upon the world. The friendship between a human slave boy and a young princess is civilisation’s last hope.

What if mythology were true, just twisted in the sands of time.


A young man and a princess must journey to each of the five planets to find the hidden artefacts that together build the Gungnir, a fabled spear that is the only thing that can kill Fenrir, Lord of the Fallen. They steal a battlecruiser and must navigate the defences of Britannia through a game of stealth. This before Midgard is consumed by the immortal battles between Elves and the fallen.

They are forced into a deadly cat and mouse chase in space to reach Britannia, much like the submarine battles of World War II. Their ship is damaged beyond repair, and they crash into the surface of Britannia. Their trouble has only started.




Britannia is not a safe place for a young slave, and they need to seek alliances from the ancient creatures deep within the forests of Sherwood. The young miner learn of his history and the powers of his bloodline that dwell in him. An ancient dryad becomes his teacher. Deep in the forest at the Fields of Agony, they meet the Guardian of Souls. They are each forced to make a promise of a future sacrifice to receive the fabled spear of Gungnir.